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pioneers of free website building and now the widely-used self-hosted blogging tool in the world. Hundreds of people are working on WordPress, because WordPress is an Open Source project. There are more advantages of WordPress from other website builders because everything that is in WordPress is “for and by the internet people”.

Here are some of the advantages of WordPress that’s why they are on top of the website builder’s world:

Fast Creativity – WordPress join together any of your designs in just within an hour or two; so you don’t have to wait for a day just to see the changes on your website or webpage.

DevelopmentDevelopment Search Engine Magnet – After posting blogs on your WordPress more often because you are enjoying it, the involvement of that frequent posting will be a magnet for the engine robots of Google and other search engines.

Those search engine robots will then explore your blog website every time for a latest added content of your very attractive website for them to index those new contents on their search engine “warehouse”. We’ll show you the advantages of WordPress in website developments.

Another Fast Editing Place – You sometimes use programs that you are comfortable with; like editing pictures or just plainly editing articles because it is easy to use. WordPress is like your favorite software program or even more. You can add, edit or anything you want to with your WordPress; and you can do that as easy as Sunday afternoon. Advantage of WordPress


Advantage of wordpressThe Word Is Security – All website owners fear those intruders we call hackers. They come to your website and do their habits. WordPress have no worries for them because they have their hacker-free software against those trespassers.

Another advantage of wordpress.

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