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Before you start building your website, we should first know what the Search Engine Optimization Process is. SEO Process is a process and not a project. It is a development of steps that will make your website more productive and effective. We will now start the process or steps that you will need in order to establish a successful website.

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Keyword Research – Keyword phrase research involves identifying a collection of keyword phrases that will be used in SEO.

This process is vital and requires a considerable quantity of time to locate a good quality set of phrases that present a balanced mixture of two essential factors: high usage by searchers and quite little competition within the search engines. (These two factors will be explained to you at Colorado SEO services, website designs..


Learning the most used phrase that includes your intended keyword(s) is relatively simple. There are internet tools that helps you to know the particular words or keywords that has been typed in by searchers in the last weeks and their volume. On the other hand, the most keywords that have been searched were the ones with the greatest rivalry within the search results; thus, you should not concentrate your optimization effort.

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